What began as a supper club called the Hi Hat became the 3 Mile House in 1944 after fire destroyed the building. The new restaurant got its name because it was just 3 miles from the Illinois border, but is also only 1 mile from the Iowa Bridge, making it the perfect place to serve the Tri-State area. Paul and Velma Moor purchased the 3 Mile House in 1980 and sold it to their son Jeff and daughter-in-law Julie in 1997. Jeff & Julie began working at the 3 Mile House the day it opened, serving drinks, cutting steak, handling ordering & waiting tables. They raised four children in the restaurant that began working with them as soon as they were able.

In 2018 Jeff & Julie made the difficult decision to sell this restaurant that had been in their family for 38 years. The tradition of great food, cocktails and friends will continue with the new owners of the 3 Mile House, Mark Guinta & Jesse Elliott. Mark and Jesse come with 20+ years of restaurant experience and a vow to uphold the welcoming atmosphere and 3 Mile House standards. We are excited to continue this family business, to raise our children in the walls of the restaurant and teach them what truly exceptional food and service is.

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